please release me, let me go - getting a dark transfer to release

For more experienced heat transfer paper users this blog post may seem funny but it's not, we get this one at least a couple times a month. "I am doing a dark transfer and after I press it, I can't get the backing sheet to peel away so I can see the transfer on my shirt."

First of all, you didn't read the instruction sheets did you? All kidding aside, a dark heat transfer, ink-jet or laser, is not done in the same manner a light transfer is done. With a light transfer, you reverse image, put the paper on the garment with the backing sheet facing you, press the transfer and then peel away the backing sheet. A dark transfer is done by printing in the positive as you would normally do with any print. You then peel away the coatings from the backing sheet, place them on the garment as you want them to appear after transfer, then place a parchment sheet (included with the papers) over the coatings so you don't melt them to your heat press or iron and press away.

Thus, there are two lessons to be learned from this; first, a light heat transfer and a dark heat transfer are not done the same way and two, read the instructions before you do a heat transfer the same way you do before you assemble that grill.

who the heck still prints anyway...but if you do.

no trimming, no problem