who the heck still prints anyway...but if you do.

Every so often we get the call with a potential customer asking, "I am starting a t-shirt business, what printer should I buy? What heat press? Should I do ink-jet or laser or both?" While these are all legitimate questions, you are probably doing yourself a favor and giving yourself a better chance at success in this business if you do some initial leg work and research as opposed to calling a company like tshirtsupplies.com which specializes in distributing heat transfer paper. A great source of information is tshirtforums.com. Tshirtsupplies is a sponsor of tshirtforums.com and membership is free.

This type of information is pivotal to your success (along with marketing and sales of course) in your new business and therefore requires far more time and research than a 10 minute phone call with a CSR at a heat transfer paper company. Tshirtsupplies.com can and will always recommend the proper paper for a particular application but we (and really no company) can educate a person on the entire industry over the phone. This requires due diligence on the part of the person starting the t-shirt business.

The members at tshirtforums.com are already in the t-shirt business in most cases thus they use all different types of equipments and papers which lends itself to useful feedback and information for someone looking to launch their own t-shirt business for the first time. Of course, you can always call us at 1-877-857-2737 for information and advice but the depth and scope of advice specifically regarding equipment choices is going to be far greater on an industry forum like this.

Remember, luck is where preparation meets opportunity...the more you prepare and research before entering a business, the better chance you have to get "lucky" and succeed.

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