no trimming, no problem

We get this question all the time, "I don't like the window that comes with the transfer, is there a product that only transfers the image?". Yes, yes, yes...no trimming, no window, no problem, that's what ImageClip products do for you.

The IMAGE CLIP® Heat Transfer Paper collection, for laser printers, from Neenah Paper, are the first products which eliminate the need for a cutter-plotter and trimming steps.  They are self-weeding, leave no polymer window and since they eliminate the need for a plotter or cutter, more intricate graphics can be produced.

The IMAGE CLIP® suite of products includes those for both light and dark fabrics.  IMAGE CLIP® Koncert-T’s are used to apply white graphics or letters to dark fabrics by only transferring the white to the garment.  This product is ideal for individuals looking to produce T-shirts for concerts and other events. The mirror image printing is done with laser print on the imaging sheet with a solid color.  The more toner that is used the better the image.  If you are applying to a black shirt use black toner, for other colors sometimes using dark blue will make the white look less gray.  On deep colors match the color of the toner to the fabric when possible. It is important to be sure that the white produced by your process meets the art needs.

IMAGE CLIP® Laser Dark is used to apply art to a dark or colored garment. This product creates a weeded image. Do not use for photos or other art that requires a white area; since there is not a white toner there is no white area.  The mirror printed laser image is best used for solid colors and not pastels.  The quality of the finished product is dependent on the amount of toner applied. 

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