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Using Laser Heat Transfer Papers with your CLP/CLC

A common problem we see with customers attempting to use a laser heat transfer paper with their CLP/CLC for the first time is the inability to get the toner to adhere to the paper. One thing to keep in mind when first using a paper with your machine is that there are literally hundreds perhaps thousands of different machines with different temperatures and dwell times. Therefore, if you follow the instructions to the tee with a paper it may not work; that doesn’t necessarily mean the paper is defective. The instructions are a general guide that should allow the media to work on a machine but it may not be the perfect setting for your particular printer/copier. Each CLP/CLC needs to be “dialed in” to the heat transfer material you are using. If you are experiencing a situation where the toner is blistering after you run it through your machine, it indicates that you paper is moving too slowly through the fuser thus creating too much heat. The remedy to this problem is to systematically try prints that use a paper stock that is closer to plain paper. The reason this will typically fix the problem is that by going closer to plain paper stock you are speeding up the paper as it passed through the fuser thereby reducing the heat.

The opposite issue, and usually a more common one, is when the toner isn’t adhering to the paper. Yes, you guessed it; this means there is not enough dwell time in the fuser and thereby not enough heat to get the toner to adhere to the heat transfer paper. In this case the solution is to systematically try prints the move away from plain paper and toward a heavy stock paper. This will slow down the paper as it travels through the fuser thus creating more heat which enables the toner to adhere to the heat transfer paper.The overarching message when using heat transfer paper with a CLP/CLC is to be patient and get your machine “dialed in” to the media that you are using. Once you have your machine settings where you want them, you’ll be quite pleased with the results of the various TransferWear laser papers offered by T-Shirtsupplies.com.

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