Putting it all on the line....

Can I line dry my t-shirt after the first wash to preserve my heat transfer? Ah, mom probably taught you that line drying preserves the color of your garment and makes it last long right? Well while Mom may be right with this assumption most of the time, it's not the case for the FIRST wash of a garment that has been made with a heat transfer paper such as say Jet-Pro SofStretch or 3-G Opaque. The first wash, as we have to you here previously at tshirtsupplies.com, should be done with the garment inside out, in cold water and then immediately thrown into the dryer. Using the dryer for the first time, helps to cure the inks then after your first wash you can follow Mom's lifelong advice and line dry your t-shirt if you want to but for this first wash listen to your friends at tshirtsupplies.com and not your Mom.

Also, please note that when you do the first wash you may see some slight initial bleeding of inks depending on the printer and inks you used. While this is not the norm, it is certainly not uncommon either. Don't freak out, I repeat remain calm and merely wash the garment again in cold water inside out and that initial bleeding will disappear then dry your garment.

It's not us, it's you (or your printer) ;)

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