I don't agree with you

Many times we get asked for recommendations for specific products. One example of this is "what is the best heat transfer paper for going onto light colored garments using an ink-jet printer?". Our answer to this question is simple and without hesitation, Jet-Pro SofStretch by Neenah Paper is the best. We say this for a number of reasons which I will address shortly but often we are greeted with, "I don't agree with you, I like ______ better."


I often say, "best" in heat transfer paper is as subjective as asking somebody who makes a better pick-up truck, Ford or Dodge. Just as the answer to that question would depend on who you ask, the same applies to many of the top brands of heat transfer papers. At tshirtsupplies.com we don't sell any substandard papers thus all our manufacturers make a good product so if you find one characteristic of the transfer more important than we do, you may have a different answer to the original question.

For us, the Jet-Pro SofStretch has the best overall combination of soft hand, initial color vibrancy, color retention after wash, easy of use and manufacturing consistency. Could someone find another light ink-jet paper that beats Jet-Pro Sofstretch on one or two of these characteristics, absolutely, but when you combine the entire spectrum of what should be important when choosing a heat transfer paper, we think the answer to this question is fairly clear.


Putting it all on the line....

It's not the paper....it's the ink