It's not the paper....it's the ink

Here is a question we field almost on a weekly basis, "will this _____ ink-jet printer work with the Jet-Pro SofStretch and 3-G Opaque heat transfer papers?" The simple answer is yes but if you want further explanation, which I assume you do or you wouldn't be reading this, here it is. The Neenah Heat Transfer papers are designed to work with just about any ink-jet printer that you can purchase. Epson, HP, Canon etc. The real key is using the OEM inks (meaning if you have an Epson printer, use Epson inks). Of course you will find people who say, "I buy generic ink and it works great with these papers." That's entirely possible, and everyone has a "friend" who smoked 3 packs a day, didn't exercise and ate bacon for breakfast that lived to be 90, then again they probably have 3 more friends who did the same thing and didn't make 50. Point being, there will always be outliers but generally speaking the OEM inks are made better with superior quality control thus when using these papers to make garments, which in many cases are being sold for good prices, it's best to stick with the quality inks. Otherwise, almost any ink-jet printer that you can buy online or in an office store will work really well with Jet-Pro SofStretch, 3-G Opaque or any other one of our vast line of ink-jet heat transfer papers.


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