I want a Ferrari...and oh self weeding dark inkjet

We hear that statement at least once or twice a week, "I want a self weeding dark ink-jet heat transfer paper". Really, I want a Ferrari but I am not holding my breath. In all seriousness, the chemistry that allows for a dark laser self weeding heat transfer paper is just much easier than that for an ink-jet. The biggest impediment is that ink-jet has lower melt points than laser thus the step that requires the two sheets to be fused together at around 225 degrees which actually begin the heat transfer process with an ink-jet sheet. That's a very simplistic way of explaining it because there are other issues serving as an impediment to production but the preceding issue is a big one. Thus in the interim, for dark ink-jet transfers, you could have a couple ways to make them look great; you can either hand trim them with a razor or scissors or invest in a desktop plotter cutter which go for as little as $269, available on our site. http://www.tshirtsupplies.com/graphtec-silhouette-cameo/  A lot cheaper than a Ferrari too....

It's not the paper....it's the ink

Using an elephant gun to go deer hunting...