Using an elephant gun to go deer hunting...

We get this question frequently, "if I only want to purchase one transfer sheet for ink-jet transfers can I use 3-G Opaque on light shirts as well as dark?" The short answer is sure you can but you can also use an elephant gun to go deer hunting; would you? The cost of a dark transfer is about twice that of a light transfer. Couple the preceding fact with the other issue that you need to trim the dark transfer or have a white window on your light color shirt as opposed to merely using our Jet-Pro SofStretch for lights where the window vanishes upon first wash and you can see why I say "yes" to the original question with a smirk on my face. Seriously, if you want to do ink-jet heat transfer, you need only two products; Jet-Pro SofStretch for white and light color garments and 3-G Opaque for dark color garments. Don't try to get away using the dark transfer on the light shirts, you'll thank me for this as will the deer.

I want a Ferrari...and oh self weeding dark inkjet

i want a soft hand dark transfer paper...don't we all?