i want a soft hand dark transfer paper...don't we all?

We get this statement in the form of a question almost daily, "I want a dark transfer with a soft hand". You and me both right.... but because of what's needed to make a dark tranfer sheet, it's virtually impossible to accomplish. We have discussed this before in this space, all sheets for dark garments require an opaque layer in order for your colors to not be muted on the garment. In manufacturing, the addition of this opaque layer, makes the coating much thicker than a light transfer (hence the reason dark transfer are always more than light transfers in terms of cost) thus the hand will always be "heavier" on a dark transfer than a light transfer.

You do have some options here though; the Neenah 3-G Opaque has a thinner opaque layer thus while the hand won't necessarily be soft ala Jet-Pro SofStretch, the transfer itself is not as heavy thus a much more comfortable transfer to wear on a garment. The other option is to switch from ink-jet to laser and use the ImageClip for Dark laser which will only transfer the image, no white block, and has a much softer hand than your typical ink-jet or laser dark heat transfer paper.


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