imageclip for koncert Ts - "what can I do with that?"

This product is exactly what it is described as; a product which allows you to put white lettering on a dark shirt, ala the t-shirt that you get at a rock concert with all the tour dates listed on the back of a black t-shirt in white. Now there are some things to remember when using this product so here goes.

The laser image for this product should be a solid color.  A mono-color laser printer works very well.  Since there is a graying cast to black ink coming through the image, using toner the color of the garment can be helpful.  But it still must be dense color.  We had good success with bright pink on pink, dark blue on blue and dark green on green.  If using a color laser printer some people think using dark blue print makes the white look whiter.

This product is also dependent on toner concentration to transfer the polymer from the second sheet, so the colors must be intense, dark or dense. If the garment or fabric is 50/50 it absorbs heat very quickly so try reducing the temperature by 10-15 degrees.

So there you have it, ImageClip for Koncert Ts, a laser product that adds another tool to your heat transfer paper arsenal when designing garments for your customers.

i want a soft hand dark transfer paper...don't we all?

why start a t-shirt business?