why start a t-shirt business?

The heading says it all, "why start a t-shirt business?" First of all, T-shirts are part of the American fabric, T-shirts are to America what dropping your weapons and surrendering was to France in WWII, it's a cultural thing. When a product is that engrained into the psyche of a country, the demand for it is astromonical. The barrier to entry is small, this can be both a good thing and bad thing in many industries but in this case it's a good thing. What do you need to start the business, a cheap heat press which you can find used on eBay for $500, a good ink-jet printer which you can purchase for less than $250, a home computer which you probably already have if you're reading this, heat transfer paper from www.tshirtsupplies.com and you're creativity, skill and imagination. Think about it, the town you live in has people doing family reunions, charity runs/walks, recreational basketball and softball leagues, youth sports....there is no limit on this product, you're limited only by your ability to fulfill orders if you're ambitious. If you're sick and tired of working for someone else, having some other person determine your destiny maybe now is the time to take control and start your own t-shirt shop? Food for thought.....

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