New formula for Imageclip, same great results

For those of you using laser printers who want to produce a high-end garment without weeding your image, the best products on the market are the Neenah ImageClip papers. Neenah has recently reformulated the light ImageClip sheet to a cold-peel formula, meaning unlike before where the transfer had to be peeled away from the garment when hot/warm, it now can be left in a pile until all the shirts you’re doing are done and peeled when cold.


While the above is not only more convenient, in my opinion and this is my blog so my opinion is the only one that counts (you can see I have issues from not getting my own way enough at home), the new formula was designed to allow the product to work seamlessly in many more color laser printers than the old formula did. We have tested the product here (usually a good idea when you sell a product, we’re swell aren’t we) and the new formulation produces an even higher quality look and feel than the old one which was already really good.


If you first want to test the product without jumping in head first, you can buy samples using this link which gets you samples of the ImageClip Laser Light and other non-fuser laser papers for light garments


Or if you’re already familiar with the ImageClip Laser Light product and want to purchase it with the new formula, it’s available using this link


Tshirtsupplies.com carries the entire line of Neenah Heat Transfer Papers, orders placed before 3pm EST ship the same day…check us out

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