Don't be a man...always ask for directions.

Where is my Instruction Sheet?

Every once in a while we get the question; why doesn’t your paper come with an instruction sheet or a label? The answer is quite simple, we try to keep cost and paper waste down, this way we can price our paper cheaper thereby saving you, our customer, a lot of money over time.

When you get paper from Tshirtsupplies.com, it will say download instruction sheet at tshirtsupplies.com. We have a section on our website coincidentally labeled “Instruction Sheets”; if you go there you can download the instruction sheet for each product that you purchased.

If you don’t know what products are what, when you open the pack, a sheet of heat transfer paper has a back print on the side of the paper that you ARE NOT supposed to print on. For example, the back of Jet-Pro SofStretch says “Jet-Pro SofStretch” or if we manufactured it from a blank master mill roll we put a single black line. Our back print guide is also available online and will tell you what the back print is for each of the various products that we well at tshirtsupplies.com.

Being in business more than 10 years, this formula has worked and kept many of our customers happy and supplied with top selling heat transfer papers are affordable prices; however you will always get the customer who doesn’t think it’s “professional”. We can certainly make the packaging fancier but we’re not paying for that, the customer ultimately would be! For most of our customers, our current process seems to make them happiest as they prefer the profits in their pockets not their packages.  

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