Heat Transfer Paper Sample Packs - Dip Your Toe in the Water

We often get this question when a customer calls or writes, "which paper is the best for ____ (insert type of job)?" Try to keep in mind, we can and will always recommend what we think is the best product but at tshirtsupplies.com we carry papers from all the industries top manufacturers thus in many cases "best" is a subjective based on the attributes a person feels make a product the best. Some heat transfer papers have better initial color vibrancy than others but a heavier "hand"/feel, others may wash better but not look as vibrant on print and so on and so on.

The best way to find the best paper for your particular job or project is to got to our Sample Pack section and order a couple of the papers for the job. It's a cheap way to find out what you like best and then moving forward you won't be relying on someone else's interpretation of quality. As the saying goes, "one man's gold, is another man's garbage", although I will say at tshirtsupplies.com we don't sell any garbage, however, people always like one heat transfer paper better than another in a paritcular category thus the same investment in samples can pay huge dividends for you (the customer, t-shirt manufacturer) long-term.

To Inkjet or Not to Inkjet - What Kind of Heat Transfer Paper is Best